Direct Mail Services

Because we have in-house mail services, your job will go from the press to the post office. This is how fast your mail piece will be at your customer’s mailbox.

Our mailing services include:

  • Processing your mailing list
  • Mailing customization (double or triple match)
  • CASS certification
  • Inkjet addressing
  • Postal presorting to get the best price per piece allowed by the USPS.
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Data Processing

Autumn Press can accept your list in virtually every format possible, and work with you to make it as accurate, timely, and attractive to print as possible.

Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Customize your mailings and print within the realm of the 1:1 marketing.  Your audience’s response will increase due to the uniqueness and special touch that a personalized message can convey.


Many campaigns, for business or politics, require that you send some kind of article to a respondent. Let Autumn Press handle all your fulfillment needs in-house with speed, accuracy, and complete accountability.


Not only can we deliver your printing — worldwide — promptly and with a complete tracking ability, we can also handle packaging and delivering your direct mail pieces to the nearest postal facility. Most exciting, deliveries are made using our fleet of LNG-fueled trucks, which emit zero pollutants!